Buying Your Home While Self-Employed

Banks frequently say no to the selfemployed because they have poor structure and bureaucracy in place which can't understand the nuances of the 3 major qualification categories for entrepreneurs - income, assets, and credit.

Stop Being Denied
Your Mortgage

There's a reason banks are a terrible place for entrepreneurs to go for a mortgage. If you don't have a traditional W2 job, they won't recognize that you have an income.

Get Approved For Your
Mortgage Today

There's no reason self-employed entrepreneurs should be denied a mortgage, just because they don't fit the traditional expectations from banks in terms of income, assets, and credit. ReRx uses different guidelines and can approve you for a full loan at the best rates, TODAY.

What ReRx Gets RIGHT

ReRx is different than a traditional bank, and because of this, we are often able to approve self-employed business owners for a mortgage when a bank won’t. ReRx has different approval processes, which take into account income, assets, and credit for people who don’t fit the traditional expectations of a bank. This allows people who may not traditionally be considered for a mortgage to get approved and own their own home.

Banks are also typically all tied to the same mortgage lenders and therefore subjected to those lenders’ requirements and resources. ReRx works independently from these lending systems. We are able to provide full loans at the best rates, and we completely self-fund these loans. That means the entire approval process and funding are handled in-house.